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When we work together, you are investing in yourself and focusing on creating the future that works for you and those around you. By owning what you want and need, you might also:

All of my services are offered virtually. The various tools I use have been tested and adapted and remain as effective in the virtual space as they are in person.


I offer a tailored coaching process that works to target your unique barriers so you can lead your team to excellence. I'm your partner and guide through the process, bringing the tools for your situation, accountability practice, and trust building along the way.

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You are. . .

I operate knowing that these statements are already always true:


You are the leader of your own life and your team; a leader in your workplace and the world. 

You are the leader the world needs to transform oppressive systems and relationships. 


If the barrier of perfectionism gets in the way of leading your team to excellence, then partner with me to take bold stumbles and develop brave teams who work better together.


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Uncover the powerful, inclusive, and compassionate leader in you.