You are awesome. Sometimes things aren’t easy. I know how hard it can be when I’m stuck and swirling around in my stuckness. So I put together a Get Unstuck Quick Kit that I hope can help you, too!


You might find this tool helpful when you:


~Have a vision of the future and feel stuck or scared of the next steps...

~Have clear goals but can’t seem to make progress as quickly as you want…

~Have a vague sense of a better future and want more clarity…

~Want to make a change but don’t know where to start…


This tool is a place to put everything out in the open to look at the stuck situation objectively. It can help you get clear about what’s at play so you can open up to what will get you closer to where you want to be. Usually, the swirl starts to settle, the skies begin to part, and opportunities for action become clear. No guarantees, but it has been helpful for me and others.

This kit includes:

  • PDF instructions

  • Printable PDF worksheet

  • Electronic worksheet in google slides, ideal for virtual collaboration


  • Free 30 minute call with me to review your worksheet

  • Discount offer on a deep dive session with me


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I look forward to helping you get unstuck!

Get Unstuck Quick Kit